Sunday, August 7, 2005

MH - And One More Thing About College Sports

Nice little article in the sports section of the Star Tribune today about the University of Georgia's football program. Seems as if they've been having a few problems during the off-season:

  • Defensive tackle Darrius Swain was sentenced to 45 days in jail for repeated driver's license violations.
  • Linebacker Derrick White and defensive tackle Kedric Golston were arrested after a bar fight, then White had a drunken-driving arrest.
  • Three other players committed alcohol- and drug-related offenses.
  • Linebacker Tavares Kearney faces disorderly conduct charges after an incident in which he was accused of cheating on an exam.
  • Linebacker Josh Johnson transferred because of disciplinary problems.
  • Five of the 19 members of Georgia's recruiting class failed to get into school because of academic shortcomings.
"When guys don't act the way they're supposed to act, that's going to happen," [head coach Mark] Richt said. "But I know we run a very good program.

Yes, a very good program. Think of what kind of trouble they'd ben in if they had an American Indian nickname.

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