Friday, December 23, 2005

For Your Viewing Pleasure

By Mitchell

It's Wednesday, December 23, 1964 in the pages of TV Guide, as we continue our review of Christmas-week programming from 31 years ago. On Captain Kangaroo (8:00 a.m., CBS) the Captain and Mr. Green Jeans demonstrated how to make Christmas cards, and Mr. Moose presented a bit on "The Most Beautiful Tree of All." Channel 4's "Around the Town" was back that afternoon with the Columbia Heights High School choir, which was apparently quite popular on TV that year.

Prime time featured some specials, but belonged mostly to holiday-themed epidodes of regular series. At 6:30 the educational station, Channel 2, prsented a half hour of music by the Madrigal Singers of the College of St. Catherine and the College of St. Thomas. CBS had a Christmas concert from England by the well-known singer Jo Stafford, along with The Westminster Abbey Choir, the George Mitchell Singers, The Corona Stage School Children's Chorus, and the Lionel Blair Dancers. ABC featured the Ozzie and Harriet Christmas episode (first telecast in 1956) in which "Ozzie's plans for a quiet, relaxed Christmas go awry."

At 7:30, Channel 2 continues their Christmas music with a concert by the College of St. Benedict choir. ABC's rock-and-roll show Shindig didn't have a Christmas show per se, but the Beach Boys were singing "Little St. Nick," and Adam Faith did "Santa's Back in Town." At 8:00 The Dick Van Dyke Show presented the Christmas edition of the "Alan Brady Show," the program for which Rob, Sally and Buddy wrote. And at 9:00 the regular edition of Danny Kaye's program included a "Christmas Fantasy" by Danny and dancer Gwen Verdon.

It's all building up to a climax - Christmas Eve is coming soon, and with it more special programs.

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