Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Are You Smarter than a Sixth Grader?

By Mitchell

You may recall that a while back, we reminised about an appearance by Sam Levinson on the 60s TV show I've Got a Secret in which he asked the panel questions that the average fifth grader in New York's public school system of the 1960s would be expected to know.

Well, last week GSN ran the IGAS episode from June 24, 1963, and Sam Levinson is back with another test for the panel. This time, the questions are from sixth graders at Brooklyn's P.S. 249 and the F.E. Bellows School in Mamaroneck, New York. If you liked the fifth grade test, you'll love the one from the sixth graders; as Levenson said, a high school test would be out of the question. Ready? No checking with Wikipedia - this is not an open Internet test.

Question 1: We all know George Washington was the first president and Abraham Lincoln the 16th. What number was John F. Kennedy? (Who was president at the time of the program.)

Question 2: What was the first permanent English settlement in what was to become the United States?

Question 3: As of 1963, what was the biggest city in Africa?

Question 4: Divide 50 by 1/2 and add 3. (Not a trick question, but a tricky one.)

Questions 5, 6 and 7: Name the three major parts of an atom.

Question 8: What is the lowest geographical point on Earth?

Question 9: Translate the Roman numeral MDCIX.

Question 10: Identify the geometric shape seen below:

A reminder: no cheating. We'll have the answers later this week.

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