Monday, February 14, 2005

MH - The Legacy of Big Business

Time once again for our favorite game, "Who Said It and When?" This week's entry is as follows:
"What has done more to destroy the family in the modern world, even before the state got in on the act, is a rampant and unbridled capitalism. It is capitalism that has taken women out of the home and put them into commercial competition with men. It is capitalism that has destroyed the influence of the parent in favor of the employer. And it is capitalism that has driven people off the land and into the cities, making them more attached to their factories or their firms than to their families."

OK, time's up.

The answer - G.K. Chesterton said it in The Well and the Shallows, written in 1935. That's right - 1935. That's, oh, seventy years ago.

Now, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, ask yourself if you're better off now, if our society is better off now, than it was then. We know Corporate America is...

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