Thursday, February 24, 2005

MH - Pray for Terri

Time is running out, and soon we'll know whether Terri Schiavo will be allowed to live (did you ever think you'd hear such a phrase in this country?) There are many good sites out there - one of the best is BlogsforTerri, which I encourage you all to visit. Also check out the list of bloggers who've joined the fight, listed on the sidebar under "Blogs for Terri."

There have been many good suggestions for action - petitions to sign, presidents and governors to email, and others - but the best I can suggest is to pray, pray, PRAY for Terri. I personally have been offering the Divine Mercy Chaplet in hopes that God will have mercy on Terri and her family - and that He will also have mercy on this country, for if the courts allow her to be killed, we shall surely need it...

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