Tuesday, February 22, 2005

MH - There Is No Diversity in Diversity

I love Derbyshire's columns, even though he never answers my emails (!), and this one is no exception. Look at the ranks of college academia, or in the HR department of any company in Corporate America, and you'll see these deneutered male types:

The older guys with jackets and ties looked cowed and didn't say much. The younger ones, the ones with earth shoes and collarless natural-fiber shirts, seemed almost as keen on diversity as the women. What brings a man, particularly a "European-American male," to an affair like this? I wondered. In the case of the older, PC-whipped-looking guys, the answer was probably just the determination to find out where all the "diversity" landmines are planted, so they could make it to retirement and pension in one piece. Good luck to them. But what about these younger ones? They really seemed to believe this stuff. What was driving them?


There was, it seemed to me, something horribly ignoble about these young men. To yield not just meekly but enthusiastically to the stripping away of their privileges, real and imagined; to acquiesce so whole-heartedly in their dispossession, seemed so...unmanly. Not that they looked particularly unmanly in themselves. One of them was large and muscular — though it was the cosmetic muscularity of the gym, not anything intended for actual — ugh! — physical work. (I hasten to add that there were no obvious indications that he might belong to a behavioral minority group.) So why was he jeering along with the others at the mention of "objectivity"? Why did he hoot along with the rest at "gender-blind and color-blind"?

The only possible explanation? "They really believed it all. They loved Big Sister. I had fallen among pod people." Derb's conclusion: "Diversity is, in short, a cult."

Yet another example of how the PC-ers and the Thought Police have taken a perfectly good word and turned it on its ear. As I said in an earlier post, Christianity is the most diverse religion ever. After all, Christ died for everyone, even those who wouldn't accept Him.

It's a fact. Just don't say it too loud when you're around the Diversitoids.

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