Saturday, February 5, 2005

MH - Time to Send Western Union a Message

I heard about this story on Lou Dobbs' program last week, and here's a nice summary. Bottom line - another case where Corporate America puts the bottom line ahead of anything else: in this instance, the law.

Some of you may ask what makes this different from companies such as, say, Enron? In terms of breaking the law, nothing. But insofar as we're talking about actually encouraging people to break the law - illegal immigration - this is a case where this company is not only subverting the law, but also the culture - the values, the common heritage of this country - all to make a buck.

As I develop these posts over the coming weeks, we'll see how all of this ties together to portray the threat that Christians face in this country - the constant attack by consumerism, materialism, and secular humanism. Don't laugh - it's all connected...

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