Wednesday, February 16, 2005

MH - We Must Be Doing Something Right

Michelle Malkin on The Tulsa World's ridiculous attempt to silence a blogger. And it's not just the MSM; there are those everywhere - i.e., the powerful - who want to silence the common man. As Chesterton said in The Outline of Sanity,
They are willing to give him a vote, because they have long discovered that it need not give him any power. They are not willing to give him a house, or a wife, or a child, or a dog, or a cow, or a piece of land, because these things really do give him power.

Add to that litany a voice. They don't want us to have a voice, but it's too late - the gate's open, the horses have escaped, there's nothing they can do about it. If you believe in free speech, stand up for Michael Bates, because in doing so you'll be standing up for yourself. Remember, free speech as the founders saw it is the enemy of ignorance, and the darkness always thrives in ignorance. We must continue to be the light that defeats the darkness, as Our Lord always reminds us.

Thanks to The Dawn Patrol for the heads-up.

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