Monday, February 28, 2005

MH - What Really Happens to Terri

Read this from Dawn Eden, if you can stomach it. But we'd better be able to read it, because this is the kind of thing that turns people's hearts as well, if we can only get it to them.

What is there left to say about a society if it puts a greater premium on the way animals are treated than it does human beings?


  1. Christopher3/1/05, 6:52 AM

    First time commenter. Love this blog - a good daily stop.

    For ages (even more since RvW, but before as well), the sacredness of human life has been a fungible commodity. Tell someone about an abused dog, and you'll hear even the greenest Deaniac blue-stater screech for the miscreant to be strung up forthwith. Tell them about an aborted baby (or a baby born to a teenage mom then left in a garbage can to die) and you'll get a sneering lecture about not "forcing your morality on others." I know despair is a sin, but I've long since given up on stopping America's slide to the bottom.

  2. Christopher,

    Welcome aboard! Thank you for your kind comments on the blog, and for your very accurate analysis of this kind of agalitarianism that makes the life of a dog equal to, if not more important than, the life of an unborn child - or the life of any human being, for that matter. Despair is very tempting, and I'm very close to your opinion of America, but we must continue to fight - if not for the country, than for each individual we encounter. When I got out of politics several years ago, it wsa because I figured out that passing laws isn't the same as converting hearts. Hope to read more from you in the future! God bless,



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