Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Does Prayer Really Change Things?

By Mitchell

Also from Roman Catholic Blog, a link to a site that I'm ashamed to say I haven't checked out as often as I should have, The Anchoress. She's constantly linked to by other blogs, and perhaps I've just taken it for granted that most readers would be familiar with her work, so I haven't linked to her much myself.

Read this very moving post from last week, which should encourage us in our faith, even as it makes us ashamed (well, it does me, at least) at how timid our faith can sometimes be in comparison to someone who really does have faith. Do we believe as strongly as she does in the power of prayer? Do we do more than simply pay lip service to the phrase, "you're in my prayers"? Are we content to complain about the way things are, or do we offer up our prayers to change them?

Yes, it makes me feel small (which I know wasn't the purpose of her post), but it also inspires me and fills me with hope that it can be done. As to whether or not I'm up to the task of increasing my faith, making my prayer life more active, or for that matter becoming much more interactive with the spiritual world around me - well, it is a grace for which I must continue to pray.

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