Tuesday, November 1, 2005

All Saints' Day

By Mitchell

And a happy All Saints to you as well! Fr. Zuhlsdorf's homily tonight emphasized the duty we all have to strive for sainthood, and he assured us that it's possible. We read Butler's Lives of the Saints and look at dramatic examples of martyrdom, heroic performances of witnessing to the faith or missionary work; and we ask ourselves How could we ever measure up? Well, we can't of course - not by ourselves. It's only through the graces that God gives us, and the ways in which we open up to Him, that we can sanctify our lives.

But it is possible, Fr. Z reiterated. We must pray, we must resist temptation, and we must follow the examples of the saints. We remember that all of those in God's loving presence in Heaven are saints, and in fact it is this fact that we celebrate today. And remember also that this is what God wants for us - He wants us to be saints! Maybe we won't be famous, maybe books won't be written nor icons painted nor statues carved; but we'll be saints in the eyes of God, and that's good enough for me.

Keep trying - keep reaching - keep praying.

For some very good reflections on today (much better than I'm capable of), check out this at Amy's site.

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