Thursday, December 1, 2005

Worth Reading

By Mitchell

This interview with one of my favorite satrists, Christopher Buckley, in which he talks about how it feels to finish a novel, why (unlike the novelist Georges Simenon) he can't write a novel in 8.5 days, who his writing role models are, and more. We got to meet him in person once, at a reading and book signing when Little Green Men came out, and he seemed every bit as charming and dry as his father, Bill, and I'd count him as among my writing role models.

Sometimes you get the impression that an author leaves everything on the written page. His stories may be fascinating and full of life, the words jumping off the page; but in real life he's as dull as leftover dishwater, and you wonder how he could be capabile of such sparkling wit in his books. Such is not the case with Buckley, who's as engaging when he's being interviewed (or speaking in public) as he is through his written words. Buckley's not just an interesting writer; he's an interesting guy. And they're not always the same thing.

Check out the interview, and then (if you haven't already done so) one of his books. I don't think you'll be sorry.

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