Friday, February 10, 2006

Musical Mush

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Hadleyblogger Bobby reports:

I have enjoyed reading articles from Town Hall since 1996, when it was the old H&R Block CompuServe service. (One of the original Town Hall members has a space now on Blogspot.

It has been some time since I last pulled out choir folder #5 from my church's locker. This article had me pondering what has happened, and the perspective of Charles Colson on music, and even our local radio stations. In the market where I live, Focus on the Family was pulled for more music in 2003 after the show started to discuss the Roy Moore situation, Terri Schiavo's fight for life, and other major issues of a Christian nature. Members of the statewide Citizens for Life grew increasingly concerned of the radio station in question, and I informed a friend at the 2006 March that station had lost its moral compass, and had fallen into the trap of modern radio, where it's all music, all entertainment, no information.

I live 40 miles from a Southeastern Conference school (my alma mater), and despite that, the radio conglomerate which runs the city's radio stations dumped them while letting an ACC school nearly 175 miles away be covered. On a clear night, I can get two other ACC schools and another SEC school far away, but my local station won't carry the local team, and won't even carry news anymore. We used to get Rush Limbaugh, but this monopoly dumped him for more music. Has radio become dumbed down too?

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