Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to One Of Ours!

We would be remiss if we didn't mention that it was Hadleyblogger Steve's birthday today! Many happy returns, chum. Keep the great stories coming!


  1. Happy birthday, Steve - you're a great asset to the blog, and a fun guy to boot!


  2. Happy Birthday, Steve

    I looked for Hadleys over at "The Little French Church" on Sunday but saw nary a one (or two).

    You are correct in observing that they sure do know how to decorate. I never so many lilies and candles in one place in my life.

    Absolutely magnificent!

    And choir, organist and pastor were on top of their game, too.

    They even printed up a 92 page perfect bound program for Holy Week. Pretty classy!

  3. Ray,

    You might not have seen us at The Little French Church on Sunday, but we saw you sitting there up-front (we were in the middle on the right-hand side). We tried to reach you after Mass, but weren't able to get to you. (Judie saw you at the Cathedral on Friday; same situation.)

    You're absolutely right; the church was dazzling. Absolutely beautiful. And the church that the choir sang at in New York, Our Savior's? That's Fr. Rutler's church (from EWTN fame).

    Happy Easter!

  4. Well, at least Ray was in the right place! ;-)

    Happy Birthday, Steve!

  5. Oh, and wait a minute: up-front with the Pharisees?!? Ray, are you alright?

  6. Well, at least he was upfront about it...

  7. Gosh! How often does Ray go to Mass on Easter?

    Happy Birthday Steve!

  8. Many Happy Returns! Happy birthday to Steve indeed!

  9. Thanks so much for the birthday greetings, everybody. When I drove to work yesterday, my new age had been posted on signs all along the highway. What a nice tribute from the state! I wonder what they will do next year?

    Have a good one, enjoy the April snow.



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