Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hey - We Hire Real Writers Here!

Tip of the hat to our own Hadleyblogger Steve, whose op-ed piece appears in today's Star Tribune:

Two guys are standing in line at a local hardware store to buy some nails. A pretty simple task, really, but as we've seen in the last couple of weeks, their motives may be very different. Frighteningly different.

We needed nails a couple of weeks ago to build a playground at the Northwest YMCA on 42nd Avenue in New Hope. It was an amazing project, sponsored by the Home Depot in Brooklyn Park and a national nonprofit organization called Ka-Boom that has a vision "to build a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America."


So who's the other guy buying nails? We don't know his name; maybe we never will. He was at some hardware store in London, buying lots of nails to put into a car bomb designed to explode near a busy intersection. The nails would be added to make the bomb as sickening and deadly as it could be.

Read the rest. But remember, we saw him first...

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  1. Great piece!

    Most days, the newspapers and electronic media cover the bombers. Many of us are tired of reading about that. We know they exist and it doesn't seem that they can be stopped.

    And if the papers had nothing but "good news" and feel-good items, we wouldn't buy them because we know they exist, too. And we're glad.

    I recently met a Baptist minister who volunteered in Chad in Africa as a missionary for 35 years. He's retired and home now, in his late 70s and is still volunteering at a hospital in his spare time.

    Fortunately for mankind, there are far more people building playgrounds and volunteering in the service of others than there are building bombs.


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