Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poetry Wednesday

By Judith

If you're a history buff, especially if you're interested in the Revolutionary War period, Boston is an amazing place to be. Not only can you see where the Boston Tea Party took place, the homes of Paul Revere and John Adams, and the tombstone of Samuel Adams, you can stand on the spot where the Boston Masacre happened and climb the stairs of Fanueil Hall to the room where the Revolution was discussed, debated and fomented. John Adams was one of the most tireless supporters of the cause of liberty and independence, but today is almost an afterthought, hidden in the shadows of Washington, Jefferson and Franklin.

To commemorate our recent trip to Boston and a visit to the home of John Adams, I offer today another song lyric. This is from the musical play 1776. At this point in the story, Adams has doggedly been trying to convince the Congress of the need to declare independence and now begins to wonder if he's the only one who can see what needs to be done. Some of the words come from Adams himself, adapted nicely by Sherman Edwards. Here's "Is Anybody There?"

"Is anybody there?
Does anybody care?"
Does anybody see what I see?

They want me to quit,
They say, "John, give up the fight!"
Still to England I say:
"Good night forever, good night!"

For I have crossed the Rubicon,
Let the bridge be burn'd behind me!
Come what may, come what may...

The croakers all say
We'll rue the day,
There'll be hell to pay in
Fiery Purgatory!

Through all the gloom,
Through all the gloom, I can
See the rays of ravishing light and

Is anybody there?!
Does anybody care?!
Does anybody see
What I see?!

I see
I see the Pageant and Pomp and Parade!
I hear the bells ringing out!
I hear the cannons' roar!
I see Americans, all Americans,
Free! For evermore!

How quiet...
How quiet the Chamber is...
How silent...
How silent the Chamber is...

Is anybody there-?

Does anybody care-?

Does anybody see - what I see?

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