Friday, May 23, 2008

AnswErs: Finally

By Kristin

For thosE of you who havE not yEt read last wEEks post asking thE quEstion, "What is wrong with this paragraph", I havE coppiEd it below in hopEs of stumping nEw rEaders. For thosE patiEntly waiting, the answEr is waiting bElow. BasEd on the commEnts, I fEEl that rEadErs arE on the corrEct path. Good work all and thank you for indulging mE.

In the paragraph below there is something quite unusual. Set a timer for two minutes. Read the paragraph over and over and see if you can solve this mystery before your time is up.

A Most Unusual Paragraph
What is so unusual about this paragraph? You won't find too many paragraph similar to it. Look at it and study it. You may not find out what is unusual right away. Study it again. At first you may fail in your task. But if you stay with it, you will find a solution. Think. What is odd about it? Look and look again. Do you want a hint? Sorry. No hints for you today or tomorrow. You must do this without asking for hints. It's a most unusual paragraph, would you not say so? Buy why? That's what you must find out now. Good Luck!

Answer: There are no E's, the most common letter in the alphabet.

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