Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Features

The Editors

We've introduced some new features to the sidebar for the amusement of our loyal readers, since you aren't getting that much from our regular writers. Well, let's face it. Unlike some blogs, we don't put up eight new pieces a day. We don't even do eight a week. So there has to be some reason to give you to keep you coming back.

Our new features include "The Daily Almanac, " with the "Word of the Day" (makes sense for a site called Our Word, don't you think?), "This Day in History," "Today's Birthday," the "Article of the Day" and other interesting tidbits. We've also added some word and number puzzles to keep you entertained, including, of course, Sudoku (which any news site worth its weight had better have); and Mark Anderson's cartoon of the day for those times when the erstwhile editorial staff fails to show up for work (an increasingly common occurrence).

We hope you'll enjoy these new features and come back often to check them out - even if there's nothing new on the rest of the site. And if you love 'em, hate 'em, or want something more, feel free to comment.

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