Saturday, May 17, 2008

What's Unusual About this Paragraph?

By Kristin

I traveled to the great city of Milwaukee this weekend to visit my parents. One of the items on the ajenda was to sort through the last few boxes and piles of my belongings left behind from my youth. The greatest part of this adventure in to the distant past is finding old school papers and pictures and talking about where they all came from. In a pile of old notebooks, I came across a piece of paper that based on the handwriting, came from early middle school. During the homeroom hour, we were given little riddles and puzzles to help "wake up our brains". I read it several times, as stumped now as I am sure is was then. Now, I will retype the riddle in hopes of passing on a question that will help "wake up" those who read it now. (I have since flipped over the paper, to find the answer on the back).



In the paragraph below there is something quite unusual. Set a timer for two minutes. Read the paragraph over and over and see if you can solve this mystery before your time is up.

A Most Unusual Paragraph

What is so unusual about this paragraph? You won't find too many paragraph similar to it. Look at it and study it. You may not find out what is unusual right away. Study it again. At first you may fail in your task. But if you stay with it, you will find a solution. Think. What is odd about it? Look and look again. Do you want a hint? Sorry. No hints for you today or tomorrow. You must do this without asking for hints. It's a most unusual paragraph, would you not say so? Buy why? That's what you must find out now. Good Luck!


I will be providing the andwer to this puzzle on Thursday, May 22. If you need a clue, don't ask me, ask yourself.

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