Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fat Lady Sings for Dan Cook

By Bobby

San Antonio Express-News columnist Dan Cook died last week at 81. But one of the most famous catchphrases in the world that even has classical music fans wondering, was his own signature.

When at KENS-TV in the Texas city from 1956-2000 (a 44-year career; it even makes WCSC-TV's Bill Sharpe look like a puppy with 35 years at the Charleston station; his long-time sports partner was dumped after 30 years and ended up doing news at a cross-Cooper River rival; his weatherman died and the station's current building is on a road named for that man), Mr. Cook referred to an NBA playoff series between the Spurs and Bullets (at the time the Texas teams were in the East and Chicago in the West; the geographic illiteracy was fixed when Dallas was added in 1980) as not to be too giddy after an early lead by saying, “The opera ain't over till the fat lady sings.”

This phrase has become a "Familiar Quotation."

So indeed, the "fat lady sings" for Dan Cook, the man who gave us a Wagnerian approach to sports.

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