Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Political Correctness in Music: "A Different Read"

By Bobby

A decade ago, while a college student, I was able to work with South Carolina Citizens for Life Executive Director Holly Gatling on having a Catholic songstress appear at the state March for Life (an event which I have since attended ten more times). At the end of the year, the same songstress appeared at an event at the now-imploded Charlotte Coliseum (which had negative images in the Carolinas thanks to George Shinn, who moved the Hornets to New Orleans, and is the "curse of Kobe Bryant," and as Vin Scully would say, still had 11 more years to pay on it when it was imploded) that was televised on the now-imploded The Nashville Network (MTV's implosion of which led to some bad blood that causes me to still have a negative view on MTV, especially since a college friend had family who were fired by MTV; the friend's cousin headed the CBS Charlotte office that was shut down by MTV since its programming would be replaced by raunchy MTV programming, bad reruns, and WWE).

At The Nashville Network-televised event (I attended it live), the songstress sang from her new album at the time a song which I liked.

A few years later, a school did the same song for show choir. When I viewed the clip, I noticed the song was politically correct with key words removed from the song. Some liberals now have the belief that the alteration of the song without the songstress' permission is a must, and it should stay politically correct. Now if you're singing the song with the politically correct lyrics, are you changing the entire message of the song? It has to, considering the way she wrote it.

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