Thursday, July 17, 2008


By Bobby

  • When I think of George Michael, I think of the retired Washington-area sportscaster whose Sports Machine was a popular syndicated programme for many years nationally, and not the sexual deviant pop star. Lindsay Czarniak was one of the recurring reporters on the show, and finished her six-week stint on TNT.
  • My voice teacher returned home and while on the plane, she loaded a text message on my phone asking how was my birthday. I giggled and we spoke but she was awaiting to disembark the plane, pick up her luggage, and await the site of her home (and her cats).
  • A report Tuesday on Fox News confirmed that the fringe environmentalists have a bigger lobby than the oil companies. No wonder they are controlling our energy policy banning drilling for oil, lightbulbs, and family cars in recent energy acts passed.
  • Common sense in legislatures is that the legislators are supposed to serve their constituents, and not fringe radical Marxists. What does it say when the Michigan legislators, knowing the struggles of their Big Three automakers, decide to betray their own constituents and instead pass legislation designed to ban the family car and trucks that they produce, and favour the microcars of Germany and Japan? In fact, the de facto President (Pelosi) and her left-hand man (Reid) came to the ceremony that passed their “energy act” that couldn't be vetoed because of the supermajority vote in a Japanese hybrid.
  • On the other hand, when Pennsylvania-based Comcast found foul play in the NFL's Sunday Ticket DirecTV monopoly, they went to Arlen Specter, who has come to defend his own constituent against the NFL's concept. In each case, the legislators had a choice of either helping or hurting their constituents. The Michigan legislators (Dingell, Stabenow, Levin) chose to sell out to Tokyo and also the huge Marxist-Leninist environmentalist lobby and hurt their own constituents in GM, Ford, and Chrysler. The Pennsylvania legislator (Specter) chose to defend his own constituent, Comcast.
  • Does it seem the MOVEON.ORG Revolution of 2006 has led to the inflation problems thanks to their refusal to drill for oil and too the mandate that our food be used as inefficient alcohol fuel instead of food? Consider that most of the corn used is not for grains now but to make the booze under federal “renewable fuel” standards. Get rid of the inefficient Gaia worshipper-written “Energy Independence and Security Act” which should be called the “Pelosi Environmentalist Anti-American High Inflation Act”. The fuel provision is behind the increase in the cost of food, and the legislators, who sold their souls to the environmentalists, refuse to understand that, preferring to go by their feelings.

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