Friday, July 11, 2008

The Single-Bullet Theory Revisited

By Drew

Apropos of yesterday's post referencing the Kennedys is this story from Fox News (courtesy Media Blog at NRO) that you gotta love:

POTTER VALLEY, Calif. — A Mendocino County woman who was trying to kill mice in her trailer with a gun ended up shooting herself and another person.

The 43-year-old woman pulled out her .44-caliber Magnum revolver after she saw the mice scurrying across the floor of her trailer on Highway 20 in Potter Valley, sheriff's officials said.

But she accidentally dropped the gun, which went off as it struck the floor. The bullet went through the woman's kneecap, bounced off the keys sitting on the belt loop of a 42-year-old man in the trailer and grazed the man's groin before ending up in his coin pocket.

Authorities did not release the shooting victims' names.

The mice escaped the shooting unharmed.

Now clearly, this "single-bullet theory" is a fabrication, designed to cover-up a conspiracy. After all, we all know there is no way that one bullet could pass through the woman's kneecap, graze the man's groin, and wind up pristine in his coin pocket. It's just not possible. Notice that the shooting victims are not named. And notice also that the mice escaped the shooting unharmed.

Something funny is going on here. If I were Potter Valley police officials, I'd make sure to check the grassy knoll in the woman's back yard for any trace of mouse droppings or other evidence pointing to a second gunmouse. Until this gunmouse's links to the FBI, the CIA, the Bush White House, the McCain campaign, the President of Halliburton, and Rush Limbaugh have been thoroughly exposed, we are all living a lie.

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