Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dress Codes at Church

By Bobby

Cathy posted a recent blog on dress codes at church, and she commented that the "come just as you are" attitudes in church have become a concern. She said, "(T)hey frequently look like they stoppedby on their way to ______ (beach, football game, baseball game, picnic,work, bed, gardening, party, roller derby)"

She then noted there was no reason for what is commonly worn in churches today, and she went after the MTV-type "dress code" in churches today, and asked if what people wear for job interviews is the same as church.

As for me, I am tired of this charade in churches. I am tired of the idea that youth in tee-shirts, torn khakis, jeans, shorts, cargos, denim and extremely short skirts sit in the front and dominate the congregation such as a rock band that sings secularised pop-rock love songs (see some churches that have AC/DC, the Beatles, or pop-culture themes) instead of singing hard-hitting sacred songs that glorify God and describe His Attributes. I have also seen the rise in "anything but the Bible" teachings in church today that this attitude has developed. Meanwhile, those who are starting to fight against the "dress code" change, the change in themes, or the false church teachings being promoted are being forced out using Warrenist tactics.

I wonder once these people graduate from high school, if they come to college, will they learn to dress properly, or will they use their "dress code" into the places they work?

A recent episode of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" showed the difference when host Jeff Foxworthy was "undressed" compared to the contestant (one of the greatest game show contestants of all time -- after the show his game show winnings are $3,623,414.29). I cannot imagine people dressing the way they dress in church anywhere -- at the office, at the grocery, or at the opera. When a game show legend outdresses the host, what does that say?

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