Thursday, October 30, 2008

Herlong's Communist Goal List and Obama

By Bobby

In 1963, Rep. Albert Herlong (D-FL), an anti-Communist, posted what he referred to as the "Communist Goals." Note how many of them have been implemented by Democratic supermajorities. Imagine such a supermajority now with Obama, and how many more of those goals can be met.

Based on the number from those 1963 goals, this is a list of what will happen if we have an Obama presidency that turns with 60% libs in the House and 60 in the Senate, and would spell the Communist takeover goals of 1963 with the Obama Agenda.

1. Coexistence with Iran, Venezuela, and other dangerous nations.

2. Capitulating to dictatorial nations to prevent battle. Not willing towarn or fight.

3. "Moral strength" by disarming the nation and cutting the military to Clinton (or worse) levels, and losing all wars which we are leading (see Vietnam, 1975).

5. Support of "Soviet satellites" such as Venezuela, but not Colombia (see Pelosi's blockage of a free-trade agreement).

7. Further advancement of Red China by helping them acquire Taiwan by force. Make President Ma's nation a pariah and isolate them.

11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. A one-world government run by totalitarians is a goal.

14. Let the ChiComs have access to the Patent Office.

15. Control of the Democratic Party.

16. Through Democratic judges of the past 20 years, state European laws override US laws.

17. Controlling schools to promote Communism and Socialism.

19. Use riots to advance Communism.

20. Press control with policy making. Fairness Doctrine eliminates"opposition" press (aka Fox News, WND, Drudge).

21. Use the Fairness Doctrine to gain key positions in the media. This will ban conservative radio as "hate" speech.

22. Discredit American culture. Create shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms (re: 4'33"), controlling art. Force classical European music out and promote shapeless mediocre music (aka gangster rap, bad rock music). Such mediocre music will be all you'll hear on the radio and see on television as federal media policy will weed out Fox News and talk radio.

24. Use the courts to eliminate obscenity laws and violating "free speech and press" which doesn't exist in an Obama world. Freedom of Speech and Press eliminated. Free Speech is eliminated by the Media Regulations that will be worse than even the USSR.

25-26. ENDA, Freedom to Marry Act (repeals DOMA), and FOCA to break down the family and promotes degenerate behaviour as "normal, natural, healthy".

27. The Emergent Church has "social" religion and discredits the Bible (see Bell, Hybels, Warren, et al, and the social gospel).

29. A Court that discredits the Constitution by using "living document" terms, substituting foreign laws, effectively moving the nation's capital to Bruxelles.

30. Textbooks that discredit our Founding Fathers and replace them with special interests.

31. Demeans American culture. Put an emphasis on Communists and their philosophy.

32. Universal healthcare, fuel economy standards to destroy American auto makers, windfall profits taxes to control the government and businesses. Government health care to destroy CVS Caremark and other private health institutions. Tax out Exxon Mobil and make sure most of our oil comes from Venezuela's state-owned Citgo.

33. Fairness Doctrine imposed with new standards to prevent interferencewith operation of Communist apparati.

36. Unions and "card check," a ban on right to work, and replacement workers.

39. Attempt to make anti-Obamaism a psychiatric disorder.

40. Promote same-sex marriage to discredit the family. Force all 50 states to recognise it.

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  1. Look around,this is definitely happening now,we must fight against the most tyrannical and life oppressing ideology known to man,communism! All parents should reject strongly any form of common core,call your representative daily if needed to express your concern about this administrations heinous acts against the American citizen taxpayers rights and freedoms! Communism can be stopped if the citizenry opens their eyes to the actions of this invaded govt and demands that their representatives do their job and represent the citizens wishes!


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