Monday, November 3, 2008

This Just In

By Kristin

McCain, Obama Agree: “Let’s keep this campaign going”

(WASHINGTON, D.C., November 3) -- As if the public couldn’t wait any longer for the 2008 Presidential election, candidates Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama decided late Sunday night to continue the election by 3 months pushing the election to February 3, 2009. “I feel the public want this,” explains McCain (R-AZ) during a pancake breakfast at the Sunny Hills Senior Center in Jacksonville, FL. “We've listened to our pollsters, we feel that the more this thing is dragged out, the more we can really highlight what is wrong with each other”. When asked why he agreed with Senator McCain, Obama (D-IL) answered, “Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s great to see my name posted up on big signs along the highways.”

Reporters also asked each camp’s top campaign advisor what was behind this move. Each explained that they had been unaware of the extension until it was made public by the candidates. It is unclear at this point weather this will stand up to any court if challenge should arise.

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