Sunday, December 14, 2008

May I Just Have One Moment...Please?

By Kristin

May I just have one moment...please? Between the dismal defeat of the Green Bay Packers and the ugly battle between the Cowboys and Giants, I saw a commercial on TV that I simply must comment on. Don't worry, this will only take but a moment. The commercial begins with a woman sitting on her couch attempting to preform a simple task. But the blanket she has wrapped around her simply won't do. It is cumbersome, heavy and just gets in the way (all this shot in a dreary black and white). The scene chances to a bright technicolor, (think Dorothy entering Munchkin Land) where our lady finds her self wrapped in a blanket with her arms poking out of two sleeves. Imagine if you were to put on a full length robe, but backwards. This is the product that is being marked to us. Really?! Ladies and Gentlemen, please resist the urge to buy this 'blanket'. Put on a sweatshirt.

But please, do not be tempted to purchase this product although I have provided a link to the website for viewing the television commercial. Do not let the clever editing and color contrast tempt you. Be bigger than the blanket, and put on a sweatshirt. Thank you for your time.

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