Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random thoughts of America Held Hostage, Day 1

By Bobby

Liberals have begun their massive attempt to turn this nation into the Bolivarian Republic of America (if you cannot understand the title, consider the official name of one of our enemies, one which the new administration admires), and it began innocently as George Walker Bush made his final walk down Washington.

The throngs of Obama Worshipers, fresh off their massive adoration of the One, decided to send off the Terrorist Terminator with strains of rock tunes that are likely to be heard when in baseball, the visiting team's pitcher is sent down, in basketball, when a player is disqualified for fouls, or in hockey, a game misconduct penalty is awarded.

By the actions of these liberals, it showed how the massive adoration to the point that the President is worshipped as a deity, and sadly, when charisma and charm, and going by feelings is the importance, we have sadly created a new society that promotes the symbolism of emptiness and we ignore important substance.

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