Monday, January 12, 2009

This Just In

By Steve

God Accuses “Conversations With God” Author of Plagiarism

(PEARLY GATES, HEAVEN - January 12) Neale Donald Walsch, the best-selling “Conversations With God” author who was recently accused of plagiarism by a fellow writer, now faces an even more serious challenge – an accusation by God Himself that the author has “misquoted" and taken "out of context” comments made by the Almighty in their conversations.

“Of course I’m disappointed, although I’m not surprised,” God said. “Being omnipotent, it’s pretty hard for Me to be surprised. But, quite frankly, I was appalled, not to mention saddened, by some of the things Mr. Walsch quotes Me as having said. Over the centuries I've often been misquoted, distorted, and taken out of context, but that doesn't mean it doesn't still bother Me. I'll tell you this much," the Almighty vowed, with magisterial resolve, "this is the last time I'm talking to someone on the record without a tape recorder in the room."

Earlier this month, Candy Chand accused Walsch of having plagiarized the story “Christmas Love,” which tells about a kindergarten Christmas pageant. Walsch had passed the story off as a true incident which had happened to his own son. He later admitted he had made a “serious error” in having “convinced [himself]” that he had written the essay, and said he was “chagrined and astonished” that his “mind could play such a trick” on him. But he admits that the charges from God are quite a bit more serious.

“Look, every writer faces accusations of theft once in a while,” Walsch said in response to the accusation. “It’s an occupational hazard, especially when you’ve hit the big time like me. But it’s one thing to have your credibility questioned – it’s another to have your mortal soul in jeopardy.”

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