Friday, February 13, 2009

Anna Nicole Smith - the Opera

By Drew

I suppose this had to happen sooner or later. I might have even expected it from some of our more avant-garde opera houses. But from the Royal Opera in London? Oh well, if La Scalla can make an opera out of An Inconvenient Truth, I suppose anything’s possible. And, sarcasm aside, opera is certainly filled with heroines whose tragic, tawdry lives would have given Anna Nicole a run for her money. I suppose there’s just something jarring about 1) a tabloid fixture being the central character, and 2) her story having happened so recently. We haven’t attained any distance from the actual event, so our perspective can be skewed.

Lest I sound as if I’m talking myself into this idea, the fact that the libretto is by Richard Thomas, co-creator of Jerry Springer: The Opera, can’t be seen as a good thing…

(H/T Big Hollywood)

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