Monday, February 23, 2009

A Lack of Logic

By Bobby

The US automakers are being forced into submission by the federal government and the salacious obsession of modern liberals that control the government with the "global warming" malarkey that is being used to eliminate the family car and business truck and to force everyone into a two-seat microcar or hybrid that is what fringe environmentalists demand everyone have. No wonder a few conservative legislators when the 2007 fuel economy standards were passed as part of an "energy" act that is about pushing the "green agenda" through the same Pelosi tactics we saw pass the European Socialist Act of 2009 (as Sean Hannity calls it) with a veto-proof majority called it the "Buy a Toyota Act" by noticing how it forces automakers to make microcars or tiny hybrids since they are the only vehicles that would comply with federal fuel economy standards.

We have seen in the 26 months of the Pelosi Administration the liberals' appetite of wanting automakers to submit to their standards of vehicles that save fuel but nothing else. Would you rather use fifteen two-seat microcars that make 45 MPG each to travel 150 miles to take a youth soccer team (14 cars with players, parents and coaches driving them, only one player can fit into each car, and one adult to drive them, and another with some gear), that would use 60 gallons of fuel for the trip, or two 20 MPG full-size SUV's, that carry seven players and two coaches each, with all the gear loaded, and use just 30 gallons of fuel for the trip?

The current administration, both in Congress and the White House, want us to believe 60 gallons for the same duty that could be done in just 30 is better because they are "saving the earth".

Furthermore, the power of automakers, with the $500k compensation limits on executives and the tilting of labor relations by the administration, has been changed where unions have more control, power, and compensation than management. Union bosses can now be paid in the millions while executives are restricted in compensation. This problem is also coming to banks, and when "card check" is passed, they can force the banks to unionise, and clearly the power goes to the unions since they are not restricted the way management is restricted.

The problem with automakers has been liberal policies that are designed to force us into tiny microcars they demand we have, and they do not care about businesses, industry, or anyone who needs the popular trucks that is the bread and butter of automakers. The feds' mandate to shrink vehicles gave us the SUV and truck trends, and the new CAFE standards is designed to close the loophole that gave us this move, and to give liberals their utopia of us driving microcars. Remember the "That's a Family" reference to just two people? That's all they think a family is.

And what about the unions' control? Just how much worse can it be?

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