Thursday, March 19, 2009


By Cathy of Alex

I remember the most trivial facts. Really. I remain undefeated at "Trivial Pursuit". Back in the 1980s, Lionel Ritchie, after he was done sapping all the funk from The Commodores, had a pretty decent solo career. Today, he's probably best known as Nicole Ritchie's Dad.

Lionel Ritchie's catch phrase was: "Outrageous!". In fact, I believe he even named one of his Tours "Outrageous!"

Today has been an Outrageous day!

Today we have President Obama, just 100 days in to his administration and it's Outrageous! Outrageous!

Maybe one day President Obama will only be memorable as Malia's Dad but for now he's Outrageous!

For the unborn this entire administration has been Outrageous!

I still see Gitmo wide open! Outrageous!

He did not pull us out or Iraq yet! Outrageous!

His approval ratings are still in the 60s (GROOVY)! Outrageous!

Today, for the first time ever, I saw Democrats yelling about welfare! We want our money back!

Does anyone, besides me, see the delicious political irony in the corporate bailout?

For DECADES, Democrats have accused the Republican party of favoring big business, of undertaxing big business, of giving too much $$$$ to big business and the wealthy.

For DECADES, the Republicans have accused the Democrats of spending too much on individual welfare-of expecting the government to support everybody and everything that is not working.

What IS the corporate bailout but a welfare program?

Today, we have the outrageous irony of the Democrats, giving welfare money to a CORPORATION that didn't do anything to earn it and now they are shocked, SHOCKED, that the money was not used in the way they (Democrats) wanted. What did they want?

I know what they didn't want. All this public screaming.

Times are tough and here are a bunch of execs who have proved themselved incompetent STILL getting their bonuses, still getting paid-using OUR money.

Who do these guys at AIG think they are: Congress???

What did the Obama Administration expect? They have a Treasury Secretary who can't even do his own taxes. Yet, Obama outrageously is holding fast. Not only that, he thinks we need more government oversight? More government oversight of what exactly? The Department of Common Sense?

Obama is Clinton Part II (or 3 if you want to count each Clinton Administration seperately) surrounding himself with his friends and not wisely so. However, both Bushes were also known as being unwisely loyal.

If Obama is a reflection of: not the best; but the WORST of politics from both parties of the last 20 years, we are in trouble.

Outrageous! Outrageous!

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