Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

By Bobby

What are the prizes? It was announced by CBS that Jim Nantz, who will call the Final Four in Detroit next week, appeared a few weeks ago on the set of The Price Is Right to present a prize package to a contestant. The prize package that he is slated to offer a contestant on the Showcase is a sports fan's dream package -- a trip to the Final Four, with airfare, hotel, and game tickets to the games. Seems Drew Carey has decided the last daytime game show left needed to up its stakes for prizes -- adding couture clothing for women and giving sports fans their ultimate dream package. But what do you expect for a man who co-owns the Seattle Sounders FC, taking its ownership cues from FC Barcelona, and featuring a live marching band ready to play music? He's a fan, a team owner, and someone who seems to understand to get fans, you dangle that carrot of the finest sports packages ever offered as a prize.

A Losing War? A friend at church talked with me over the week about the losing war over music. She mentioned that the children in school today never even listen to classical music, or strong sacred music. When they attend church, they are very comfortable with the same thug music they hear on the radio each day that they do not understand sacred music anymore after hearing the same thug music day in and day out, and the leaders at church feed the youth the same music they year on the radio, and do not feed them any sacred music, let alone classical. Thus, these children believe the only church music is the same rock and hip-hop they hear on the radio, and vastly ignore Renée Fleming, Анна Нетребко, Plácido Domingo, Walter Cuttino, or Tina Stallard. The real concern is that what the youth listens is devoid of the Gospel, let alone the Bible, and it gives them a false image of church music that never seems to get out of them.

Faking It . . . VI. These children in their annual performance sanctioned by the church, with the adults once again believe that being a fake band, dancing around to loud rock music, and jigging to everything but sacred music is church. What does it teach them when faking is all they know? Just fake your way through life.

Entertainment Instead of God's Word. Church organisers announced a "strength team" was going to be the feature for a "revival" at the church. Now once again we have entertainment replacing study of God's Word, and the focus is too much on tickling the senses and not studying.

Speaking of Emergent Churches . . . There seems to be a development now with the type of "circus church" that features no study of God's Word, but is full of parties, games, rock concerts, and the works, when these children grow up, they lose sight of faith, only to be fallen into secularism, atheism, the occult, and sexual deviancy. The churches where many of today's children attend are full of postmodernism and the idea that church is one long party. The result of this is showing, and it is not pretty. When these children walk into a church in college for the first time, and hear the pipe organ play Bach, Händel, Watts, Faure, Poulenc, or Mozart, they find church to be "boring" with "dead music". They find themselves more adept to attend live rock concerts and more secular views from what they have learned. Are today's churches causing a problem themselves by teaching children feelings, what is hip and trendy, and what is off MTV, and not from God's Word that is timeless?

Don't Count Them, Overcount Those. The plan for ACORN to participate in the 2010 US Census has suspicion written all over it. It's clear from the Minnesota fracas they want to fix the election for an Al Franken win when Norm Coleman won. The Senate leadership endorses Franken, as does the President. ACORN is involved. Now ACORN is participating in the 2010 Census. I suspect we shall see them undercount areas that are predominantly red, and overcount blue areas, and give the Blue Wall enough seats that they will have 270, and give them a permanent majority for ages to come. This sounds like "professional wresting," and I am ashamed to say this, but one former University of Minnesota wrestler is now in the WWE and went to school with me. The ACORN plan reminds me of "professional wrestling" because it is to fix the election to tilt one way.

Stop the Madness. Speaking of things that are false, how many times have we heard this "global warming" junk out of the media today? It is sickening but is nothing short of a government plan to implement the Soviet takeover of the country. It is government in control of everything using the false premise of "save the earth". This is Gaia worship to push for a Soviet takeover.

A Drag Race. The MTV homosexual network, which we know now has more prevalence than Fox News in the pecking order at the White House (since the President appeared in a debate on that channel, but not Fox News), has renewed a program from a transvestite deviant. Sadly, the title is an insult at ESPN, Coca-Cola, and numerous people across the country. When "Drag Queen" means Ashley Hood beating boys at 1,000 feet, and "Drag Race" means one of thousands of race tracks across the country launching cars side by side at 660, 1,000, or 1,320 feet across the country, MTV wants to change the terms "drag queen," "drag king," and "drag race" from what is common (terms for two cars side by side at 660, 1,000, or 1,320 feet) to what they want it to mean -- sexual deviancy. Of course, Coca-Cola has too much invested in a Drag Race called the Full Throttle Series that airs on ESPN. MTV, on the other hand, wants to change our society. They've done it in churches. Now they want to ensure "drag" means their meaning of sexual deviancy, not a shootout with pre-staged, staged, three ambers, a green, or a red at 660, 1,000, or 1,320.

Bridge Time. Next week will be my sixth Cooper River Bridge Run -- one DNS included because of illness. I was so angry at the illness I said I wanted to take my own life. Naturally, my voice teacher heard that and said, The Consul! How bad have you got it for opera?

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