Friday, May 15, 2009

Revenge of Left-Wing Activists

By Bobby

At the Trump Organisation's Miss USA pageant, sexual deviant Mario Armando Lavandeira intentionally gave Carrie Prejean a score of zero for her support of real marriage, and Miss Prejean's opposition to rewriting marriage in the form of activists such as Tim Gill and the GLAD organisation.

Now it seems the playbook of liberal activists has taken a successful kill as Mr. Lavandeira's revenge is a major push for homosexual activists who now have the bully pulpit of the legislatures through these crazy activists, the power of MTV through its homosexual channel (the President debated on that network, but not Fox News), the increasing power of leftist activists such as Tim Gill and other homosexual activist organisations, the endorsement of the one national political party in the country to disavow what the people support and to push through their wicked agenda of false marriages, and a generation of young people who are now taught that these "marriages" are legitimate and perfectly legal when they are not, and are sinful. (Article from the Eagle Forum.)

We've seen it in Vermont (where the Governor's veto was overridden), Maine (where the people are launching a "people's veto" campaign against the Governor and legislature), Connecticut (court mandate), Massachusetts (court mandate, payoffs by the nation's Prime Minister Pelosi when an attempt was made to overturn it), and New Hampshire (the Governor vows to sign it if changes are made). Rhode Island is the one sane state left and activists want to change the laws there too.

At this rate, what does it say when the sanctity of marriage is removed the way the White House removed the sanctity of human life declarations on 20 January?

Next, they are willing to protect pedophiles and child molesters through "hate crimes" acts and "employment non-discrimination acts" that protect "sexual orientation," which, as I warned years ago, would be used to force child molesters and pedophiles to schools. Initially, I predicted they would attempt the judicial activist route, but federal law would just codify their requests, and they would do so with the no-debate, no-discussion brand of leftist political actions.

At what cost are we now paying for this revenge of Mr. Lavandeira? We lost the sanctity of human life, and now losing marriage, to activists who believe in a feelings-based attitude. What could be next scares me.

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