Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coleman-Franken reminiscent of Iranian Presidential Election

By Bobby

We have heard about the massive protests in Iran where the people supporting Mir Hossein Mousavi, whom most had called the winner, were defeated by totalitarian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was declared the winner despite by most reports, having fewer votes.

This reminds me of what has happened in Minnesota, where the United States Senate seat that Norm Coleman won is now under scrutiny because of ACORN and other fraud-counters (such as MOVEON.ORG) have worked to seat Al Franken, who had fewer votes.

This election is crucial because should Mr. Franken be seated, the rules of the Senate would likely be changed to ensure the only persons allowed to speak will be leader Harry Reid and his 59 other Senators. This would make states such as Georgia, South Carolina, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, Arizona, and Kentucky to be made irrelevant as Senators from California, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii, Virginia, Maryland, and Illinois will be able to run roughshod like monster trucks. Should Mr. Franken be seated, a no-debate, no-discussion Senate would be able to push the entire Obama agenda, and pack the courts that had numerous judicial vacancies caused by Patrick Leahy-led filibusters in the Bush administration filled by Obama judges that would form a clear majority of the judiciary by filling all vacancies. These judges would effectively move the nation's legislative capital to Bruxelles, Belgique as the transnationalist judges preferred by liberals would declare every law of this country they do not feel is right repealed by foreign law, a procedure which would have saved James Terry Roach.

Mr. Roach was a convicted murderer who was 17 when he was an accomplice in 22-year old Joseph Carl Shaw's rape and kill spree near Fort Jackson in 1977 by raping and murdering three people -- a serviceman's wife and a teenage couple. Mr. Shaw then returned to the scene of the crime to have sex with the corpses of the women he killed. For these gruesome crimes, both Mr. Shaw and Mr. Roach were sentenced to death in the electric chair at Central Correctional Institute, for which the two would die, 364 days of each other, from January 11, 1985 (Mr. Shaw) to January 10, 1986 (Mr. Roach). In 2005, the United States Supreme Court ruled European law takes precedence in banning 17-year old murderers from being execuited.

Furthermore, the homosexual, abortion, high taxation, environmental extremist, and other agenda of the Obama Administration, and the Far Left, would become the law as debate and discussion would be banned.

Are we headed to a bigger fight as Norm Coleman, the real winner of the Minnesota election, is shut down by Al Franken, who used the accomplices of ACORN and Iran-style vote fraud, to steal an election to advance the Obama Agenda?

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