Friday, July 31, 2009

Old Style Promotions!

By Bobby Chang

As we know, Mitchell has frequently run across old television and old advertising. In light of Sunday's (and Tuesday's) concerts where I am singing, I decided to take the clock back 45 years in advertising and see how the concert could be promoted with an ad that should have a theme that some of you may think you'd know.

P. S. I am in the choir in question, and shall sing both shows in the choir.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! -- Sunday at the University of South Carolina School of Music Recital Hall on Assembly Street next to the Koger Center! See Lillian "The Quack" Quackenbush" and Jennifer "The Keystone Leader" Adam conduct soprano "The Misssissippi Squirrel," Serena Hill, tenor David "The Duck" Quackenbush, bass Michael "The Man of" LaRoche, pianist Rosemarie "The Ivory Lady" Suniga, and a group of college students and other great choral singers in selections from Haydn's Die Jahreszeiten. You'll hear a choir of all ages, all types, singing a another great masterpiece of Haydn. Lots of fun and serious songs will be there! These are the songs of real music that last for ages, unlike the pop-rock junk that can't last much. Be there 4 PM at the School of Music Hall Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Where the great ones run, run, run!

Also a show Tuesday at 7:30 PM.

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