Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orwellian Doublespeak

By Bobby Chang

While it's not directly mentioned in 1984 by George Orwell, it is well-believed that doublespeak is displayed in the famed Orwell novel of a Communist-style society that is envisioned by the British author. I have noticed doublespeak in our society, from the White House to even our churches.

Health Care Reform. To impose an extremist European-style socialism by forcing rationing of health care (see the long limits in Europe; I have had too many friends with severe injuries in recent years they would never be allowed treatment under proposed socialised medicine), strict limits on coverage, excessive regulation on what types of treatment would be allowed (such as the Oregon case where the woman was told they wouldn't pay for her life-saving medicine, but they'd be willing to pay for medicine to kill her), and worst of all, Big Brother watching over every move made by a person. They are willing to create a gaggle of Michael Schiavos to kill people on their own will. If seeing Terri die at her unfaithful husband's cruel hand in order to marry another man was cruel enough, how much worse can it be when it takes place the afternoon where you are seeing Terri's sister speak? How can health care reform work if they want a friend who has a dangerous growth in her spine left untreated and force her to die by taking euthanasia pills instead of fixing the problem by removing it?

Cash for Clunkers / Auto Task Force. The Sierra Club in 2001 began a "War on Sport-Utility Vehicles" that went after them for various reasons that do not make sense. Yet by the time of massive fuel price increases, they began winning the war. Now with the new CAFE standards, Auto Task Force, and Cash for Clunkers, liberals are winning the war against SUV's. Mid-size SUV's from Detroit are being phased out in favour of the hip "crossovers" which are small and mid-size cars raised to look like an SUV, but do not have the capability, towing (front-wheel drive), durability (no ladder frame), or safety of one, which Rush Limbaugh would call symbolism over substance. Cash for Clunkers is part of the war, since every SUV sent to the crusher has been replaced by a small car.

Worship. One of the most common doublespeak in our society today is in churches with the term "worship". It has, through the push of the major labels, become codeword for rock music in church. "Worship" as used in many choral books, now means "rock music," especially when "praise" is added, but often "modern". To an entire generation, we have seen "worship" has become a code for rock music. Churches have discarded sacred choral groups for modern rock bands to appease a generation that have lost touch with choirs and do not attend choral events. Whatever is left has been mostly rock music. Last month, I practiced some Die Jahreszeiten in preparation for the next night's practice on a piano at church. I saw a few suspicious microphones and monitors sitting at the foot of the pulpit and was not amused, wondering if this was a rock concert setup, and not church. I asked why this was a rock music setup. The youth responded by telling me this was worship music, not rock music. I informed them of the Orwellian doublespeak, and none of them changed their tone. They had been sold, hook, line, and sinker what concerned me -- they only know "worship" as doublespeak for rock music, and could not break through it.

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