Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Place For Classical Music - Are You Kidding Me?

By Bobby Chang

As classical music's sources keep dropping it seems, I found classical music can be found on a channel you might not expect you'd see it.

The Big Ten Network.

The program? Northwestern Campus Programming.

Are you kidding me? A network devoted to sports of one conference is airing classical music?

I am not kidding, but it's a good thing. Big Ten Network is a channel that airs not just sports, but all programming that originate from the conference's schools. Northwestern used their Big Ten time to air a classical music concert from the school. Might we see Big Ten Network become a source for classical music as the institutions air classical music concerts during assigned Campus Programming sites?

Imagine original science research, literature, history, music, and other wonderful information from the universities airing on the Big Ten Network to keep people educated and informed about the wonderful information, music, and theatre that today's pop culture society forgets. Maybe it seems the other conferences should look at such programming.

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