Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ninth Circuit Stupidity: Classical Music Banned from Government School Events

By Bobby Chang

Since I picked up my songbook and began voice lessons in my mid-twenties, my appreciation of classical music has risen as the infamous Ninth Circuit, known for its wild and illogical decisions (and a role model for judges of the NWO), has put an increased crackdown of classical music.

Recently, the Ninth Circuit declared as "not violating the freedom of speech or religion of students" the prohibition of the playing of Franz Biebl's Ave Maria at a 2006 graduation in Everett, WA. A student thought it was discriminatory against her that they could not play the Franz Biebl "Ave Maria". A dissenting judge who supported the student declared "freedom of expression" was violated, and declared that this decision would "hasten the retrogression of our young into a nation of Philistines, who have little or no understanding of our civic and cultural heritage." He called sacred music part of Western classical music, and a ban on sacred music was inappropriate.

I agree with the judge. MTV and the decline of classical sacred music in schools and even our churches has led to little -- if any -- understanding of our history, which has led to the decline in appreciation of our Founding Fathers and Western Civilisation, and the rise in false teachings in education (as witnessed in the Fox News special on textbooks last week). At schools today, choirs are now performing every rock/pop/rap ditty (watch for schools to perform Michael Jackson works this school year as a tribute; we saw how bad it was when the South Carolina State-Grambling State football game in Orlando featured both marching bands play such works; HBCU games are known for their halftime battles between the institutions' show marching bands) because Bach, Mozart, Händel, Haydn, and other masterworks are now prohibited under "freedom from religion" policies. Even "gospel" songs such as Kathy Troccoli's "A Different Road" was grossly altered when performed by a government school choir. When I asked a member of the show choir who performed that work, the vocalist responded clearly that God was omitted for politically correct reasons.

Sadly, we have hastened our downfall into Philistines when "classics" in music is now a reference to bad pop/rock music instead of real music, as MTV sets the standards for what is music today, instead of Morihiko Nakahara, Jacob Will, Rosemarie Suniga, and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.

Considering the absurdity of the "MTV Video Music Awards," which has been the target of so many incidents in the past that with it in Radio City Music Hall, I think the doors inside Oval Office at the Park Avenue Tower (65 East 55th Street in New York City) will be open, and too many artists will be sitting inside after being caught for questionable behaviour and lyrics, where the winners will be sent to the Oval Office. And this time, we have plenty of officials armed and ready for interrogation on these no-talents whose questionable songs, lyrics, and even videos are explicit that they need to be sent to Guantanamo Bay and locked in the cells of "Gitmo".

The "Nation of Philistines" comment was overtly blunt but truthful, as the recent "Teen Choice Awards" featured a pair of artists performing with stripper poles, with both of the artists performing very popular ditties with teens. When the teens come to church on ensuing weekends, they want their churches to offer kids dancing to similar beats. These are the kids who see no problem with the sexually charged lyrics of "Poker Face," "Womaniser," "Love Sex Magic," and other popular tunes teens listen today. What type of role model would feature stripper poles and teens ogling over the music?

I've seen church teens perform to every hip-hop song as if it was a street thug. School choirs are now performing stupid pop or hip-hop Top 40 ditties because the courts ban sacred music, and churches are following with overtly secular songs (also called "Jesus Is My Boyfriend" songs). Think of all the times at church where instead of a sacred anthem, you hear the loud beat of these secularised songs allegedly sacred, but are overtly secular. This comes especially in the Oregon Catholic Press, GIA, EMI, Universal, Warner Music Group, and Kona publications, where the tunes have been called "dippy junk" by Catherine of Alexandria, and the songs are about emotions, and in church, the secularised "sacred" music has replaced the legitimate ones.

When a congregation will not stand for Händel's Messiah but instead stand for two rock tunes from hot stars, what do you expect?

What type of role model would you consider a "gospel singer" who did not wear a seat belt and was thrown to his death, while his friend was thrown and survived, when the irony of their winning of an award for Song of the Year came when one a professional motor racer who has won a Career Grand Slam handed the trophy to the surviving writer?

Seriously, if we are teaching our youth to ignore classical music, and the required thinking that is required, in favour of the feelings of modern pop-rock music, we are clearly ignoring our musical heritage in favour of the hot trends. The judge is truly correct. Banning classical music from government schools is helping push the modern rock movement that equals the left's indoctrination of children.

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