Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

By Bobby Chang

A False Marriage Ice Cream. To "celebrate" the legalisation of false matrimony in Vermont by overriding the veto of the governor, Anglo-Dutch conglomerate Unilever unveiled an ice cream flavour themed to celebrate the false matrimony, including a homosexual "couple" "tying the knot" at an "altar". This would not have been the type of "marriage" acceptable in Our Town, and considering the Dutch has been at the front of pushing false marriage worldwide, along with left-wing activist Tim Gill, who has been a dangerous weapon for the current Left, it was no surprise that they decided to celebrate this stupidity.

Remember, this Unilever division has been pushing for false marriage legalisation, and the Obama Administration's Department of Justice wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. These Unilever people have also supported convicted murderer Wesley Cook, murderer of Philadelphia policeman Daniel Faulkner in 1981, to gain his freedom. With his Muslim name gimmick and the "free him" chants, it seems Mr. Cook has been successful in fighting the system through emotional appeals.


Art for Agenda. The National Endowment for the Arts, supposed to support art, is now a part of the Obama Propaganda Arm. Now they're using our taxpayer money to push for "art" that pushes for the advancement of the administration's USSR-style agenda of Socialised Medicine with rationing, and other Obama Leftist Agenda ideals. In a poster shown at the link, they are using the symbols of hard rock artists to promote the agenda. This sounds eerily similar to Soviet art, and consider too this NEA has hired thugs to block townhall meetings from opponents.

Are we going to see the NEA fund “art” that promotes the Obama agenda and push for it? I wonder if that means we'll see an end to great music and great art, replaced by Praise Obama posters, similar to the art of Communism that the Herlong Goals warned we would see of inferior art, but with an agenda promoting the Left.

So no more Die Jahreszeiten, but we'll hear everything that's bland and states “Praise Obama,” and “If you're not with us, you'll be in trouble”. With a liberal supermajority destroying our own state by making us crush cars, what's next?


From the House of Payne. There are a few of us at church extremely concerned about false teachers in church. Recently, I uncovered evidence the youth minister, who has never had any training in religious studies (and is a former high school teacher), has been teaching the false teachings. He had seven DVD's in his office from one false teacher, Rob Bell, and his series was prominently promoted. In this discussion with Heather Payne, the former Metropolitan Opera Contest entrant (from the Little Rock, AR region) said, "Rob Bell is scary. He is leading a lot of people astray."

Mr. Bell is a notrious false teacher whose postmodern feeling-based, false doctrine is now popular with false teachers such as Rick Warren, whose own church has taught from this pied piper of false teaching.


Also, a church had as part of a community event recently performed the Hannah Montana "Throwdown Hoedown." Is this appropriate for a church service? It's just as logical to have this at a church service substituting for studying the Bible (there have been some churches in the area which have featured a karaoke concert featuring "gospel singers" who sign along to karaoke for services, with no study of the Bible in that service) as if St. Peters' Catholic Church had the oratorio "The True Story of Cinderella" performed at Mass (it was not; it was an event held at the church, not Mass). Mrs. Payne blasted the Hannah Montana routine being used by the church.

Social Justice in our Schools. As school years open, the advancement of creating little liberals who advance "social justice" and almost every left-wing cause is not just in school agenda, but also placed in textbooks in school. A recent Letter to the Editor I wrote to my local newspaper discussed it, but one person came down and attacked my citing of a Fox News Channel series. I warned that school books were not teaching fundamentals, but instead advancing liberal causes, as I learned in middle school textbooks that promoted leftist agenda talking points over two decades ago. That comment after my letter made me wonder what sources could I cite if I could not use Fox News. At this rate, is a government control of media there to ensure Fox News be banned from every government meeting, as legislators are now stacking “town hall” meetings with SEIU, NEA, and other union thugs, preventing opponents from speaking. This is now truly the “No Debate, No Discussion, We are the Gospel” attitude of the modern left.

My letter: http://thetandd.com/articles/2009/08/28/opinion/doc4a96d0d2dfaec784635082.txt

Another article showing the advancement of social justice: http://www.lvrj.com/opinion/56171952.html

The PC Police. Well, the PC Police has gone after Taiwan this summer, with the networks siding with Communist China in two sports not in the Olympics. During NBC's coverage of the USGA U. S. Women's Open, players of that country were flagged with a special Olympic flag. During ESPN's coverage of the Little League World Series, the Taioyuan, Taiwan Little League was represented on-air by the special Olympic flag, despite fans wearing the real flag of Taiwan, and waving it, ESPN refused to show it, instead, flashing the special Olympic flag and using the name Peking demands it carry. I remember in 1992, at the Winter Olympic Games, CBS used a real Taiwan flag representing the country. I don't think the Beeb would have used that flag in covering the 1985 U. S. Open.

What type of disgrace does this show as the Power of Peking continues in their attempt to reduce Taiwan to irrelevance by making it a pariah by banning its flag and anthem.

Don't Forget. It's Not Labor Day. Remember that Labor Day does not exist; as I noted last year, it was eliminated by lawsuit. Ask the people in Florence.

Booze, Bulls, Bikes, and Ice. DirecTV has decided that Versus is not worthy to be carried because of the higher per-subscriber rate the Comcast-owned channel is demanding. When big college football games featuring Mountain West Conference teams at home against major teams (Texas at Wyoming, Florida State at Brigham Young) are carried nationally live by Versus, and not on regional television (as ESPN does with most of their games, with most of the country having it on pay-per-view), and Versus has rights to events such as Le Tour de France, the Indy Racing League, the National Hockey League, and Professional Bull Riders, DirecTV decided that its 61st of 74 English-language advertiser-supported channels status does not allow it to be carried with a higher per-subscriber rate. What puzzles me is how they believe it's tolerable to carry on their system channels such as TVG (a gambling channel that offers online and telephone Off-Track Betting on horse racing), and the various MTV channels (Nickelodeon, The N, Noggin, Spike, MTV, VH1, BET, LOGO (the homosexual network with more priority than Fox News in the pecking order at the White House), and subbrands of the MTV and VH1 franchises) but not Versus, the channel that carries decent outdoorsmen shows (a genre that nearly went entirely away after MTV shut down the CBS Cable operations to create Spike).

Which is more important and worthy to be on the air? Bob Jenkins, Guillermi Marchi, Justin McBride, Cat Man Do, Hélio Castroneves, Troubador, Alberto Contador, the Mountain West Conference, FLW, Александр Овечкин, Sidney Crosby, and Code Blue, or Lauren Conrad, Stefani Germanotta, Marshall Mathers, Rap City, Rock of Love, Brooke Hogan, RuPaul's Drag Race, Metallica, Good Charlotte, and The L Word? Sadly, DirecTV thinks MTV is more important than the stars of Versus I just mentioned.

Go figure.

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