Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

By Bobby Chang

We Remember. It has now been five years since the Boxing Day Tsunami in Asia.

St. Stephen. It is the Feast of St. Stephen on December 26. The appropriate song for the day is "Good King Wenceslas."

Go Light Your World. During the 11 PM service that runs into the midnight hour on Christmas Eve, the church in Charleston that I attend uses their offering is used to help the needy in the area. Earlier in the season I had posted the appropriate Chris Rice song that Kathy Troccoli made popular in 1995 that fits the theme of helping the needy, and Boxing Day is suitable for the theme of helping.

Boxing Day Race. This year, the running events that take place the last Saturday of the year (such as the Cold Winter's Day) are "Boxing Day" races. With the 2010 races that are held moved to Sunday afternoon (since Saturday is Christmas, and Sunday morning races aren't legal in some states), they will continue to be Boxing Day races again in 2010. There are many sporting events in the Commonwealth that are Boxing Day events.

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