Friday, February 26, 2010

Modern Coca-Cola Ad Goes To The Past

Some of us who read this biog are clearly older, and have enjoyed the old commercials posts. But a recent ad that debuted during the Daytona 500 (which, in the eyes of most advertisers, is the #2 "ad wars" event of the year. The likeability of the advertising in the first of NASCAR's three majors (no more Grand Slam since Ferko) has become a major reason why advertisers prefer ads that air during the 500 over other events.

For the Daytona 500, Coca-Cola decided to turn the clock back nearly forty years in this scene. During an intense pit stop, and drivers frustrated during the race, Tony Stewart turns the clock back to the year he was born (1971) and lets us remember an old advertising campaign that most older people remember (and for a younger generation, a Reunion that took place during the Super Bowl 20 years ago). Let's see what happens when Coca-Cola takes us to the track and Smoke "takes care of business" back to the past for a fun take on today's stars trying to be that group that made a signature ad of Coca-Cola. 

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