Friday, February 5, 2010

Religious Stupidity - Mosaic and the Air Force Wiccans

It's well known that I am not fond of Life Enhancement Centres, which masquerade as churches but instead of teaching God's Word, they teach life enhancement. Erwin McManus, the head of the notorious Mosaic in East Los Angeles, has organised a commercial that they hope will win the Super Bowl XLIV contest organised by Pepsico's Frito-Lay's division. This man's false teachings have irked many and now he is using social networking sites along with other similar false teachers (Rick Warren most notably) to promote his campaign to make it to the annals of Super Bowl Commercials. I remember leaving a Bible study years ago when I exposed his material being used, and knowing of his false theology. Just when is a Super Bowl Commercial is more important than God's Word?

While we are purging our nation of our Christian heritage by mandatory secularism (including the elimination of religious holidays from our schools), the "recognition" of humanism as the official state religion through our textbooks, and even adopting Hinduism in our schools ("PUMSY" self-esteem classes), the United States Air Force Academy is now recognising Wiccan prayer circles by adding a Stonehenge in the Rocky Mountains to serve as the official "worship centre" for this occultic practice for our troops. (See also this link from the Air Force Academy.) Add that to what will almost certainly be Obama Worship in history books to make him look much better than what he truly symbolises (CCCP, green movement, homosexual activism), and we have a recipe for trouble. With this occultic practice coming officially to the Air Force, could we see schools install official recognition and worship of more false religions of false gods while the one true God of the Bible is gone?

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