Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Commercials: Tebow Clean, Go Daddy Sleaze

Once again Super Bowl time comes, and once again we hear about the $2+ million thirty-second commercials that appear during the broadcast.

Now we hope CBS will run the pro-life advertisement of Focus on the Family that discusses how the mother of Tim Tebow (who would make a top quarterback prospect, whose eligibility has expired, legalising the commercial) spared his life and chose not to kill the child. That makes sense, especially since we need to defend life in light of a year of Presidential policies that support baby murder (repeal of Mexico City and Hyde Amendment), proposals in Congress such as the Freedom of Choice Act and declaring baby murder “health care”, and social events such as “Pink Sunday” in churches that support Planned Parenthood, and news that Lilith Fair (a feminist rock concert series known for promoting sexual deviancy and Planned Parenthood) was returning this summer have pushed our side back nearly to the Stone Age with the way the Left's massive push (and their judicial control) has planned in laws that permanently repeal policies of the Reagan era.

Meanwhile, raunchy advertising, an issue especially since the Super Bowl XXXVIII controversy, has resulted in networks increasing the crackdown on questionable risqué spots, and once again we have heard about another stupid commercial from Bob Parsons' Go Daddy Group.

For the Banned Commercial of the Game, the Arizona Web Hosting company has decided to run a commercial featuring The Mrs. Paul Hospenthal narrating the story of a former professional football player who starts a lingerie company. The startup lingerie company is portrayed with a Hugh Hefner-style character (complete with his bathrobe), and if you understand the history of Mrs. Hospenthal's day job (although it would be at least a decade before she broke into the industry), you should be able to understand the startup entrepreneur's name.

Thankfully, that commercial has been banned. But the stupidity of that commercial, and its sleaze, is downright dangerous. But what do you expect from Go Daddy, when sleazeball kayfabe athlete and actress Candace Michelle was the legit starter for the 500 in Florence, and the majority of commercials want people to access their Web site to see full explicit versions of their commercials? Seems the only “good” ads on Go Daddy they have kept are the clean-cut Dale Earnhardt Jnr commercials. (Mr. Earnhardt's 2009 commercials have been pulled from the site; they contained Nationwide driver Brad Keselowski (won six races driving for Mr. Earnhardt – 4 in 2009, then won a Sprint Cup Major), who has since left for Roger Penske for a Sprint Cup-Nationwide package.)

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