Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Fight Against The Hammer and Sickle Is . . . GO!

The vision of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jack Kemp, and his Senate equivalent William Roth gave us the major tax cuts in all types of investing that lit the catalyst in the United States stock market, turning a market that had been a standard triple-digit index into a four-figure index that started a massive bull run that has created investors out of even the basic young American.

Through the past four years of Pelosi-Reid-Obama, we have seen this unholy alliance form new regulations to destroy industry (see the success in the auto industry, energy, and banking), and now the plan to impose socialised medicine. The ultimate goal is single-payer system, especially attacking hospitals run by churches for opposing new standards that would mandate abortion, rewarding deviant lifestyles and their diseases (AIDS), making certain politically favourable diseases (breast cancer, AIDS, STD's) for special treatment, and destroying new experimental treatment.

But the kicker to kill the Kemp-Roth legacy is a 3.8% tax on investment income. That, along with other tax hikes, would just destroy the investing that has taken place. First, we see the taxes on the highest incomes go to over 40%. Add state income tax (about 7%), and numerous other taxes on medicine, and then the new investment taxes, and marginal tax rates go to 25% for lower incomes, 63% for middle incomes, and 88% for upper incomes. This betrayal of the American Investor of the legacy of Jack Kemp will be complete. And there will be more penalties. Liberals will do everything to ensure those who refuse to buy an government-approved health plan (which includes special rights, baby murder, euthanasia, death panels, rewards unhealthy lifestyles) by punishing them. They could realistically make it a felony and thereby make those who oppose the plan criminals, making them ineligible for jobs, law, real estate, any elected office, and the right to vote, thereby giving liberals a right to disenfranchise opponents.

As a South Carolinian who lives in the Second Congressional District, I didn't elect Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Al Franken, Mary Landrieu, Jim Clyburn, Ben Nelson, or any of these leftist leaders who are pushing this agenda of Communism. Yet we have become a crush car for this activism.

I do not envision singing, "All hail, O Obama Mandates For Thee, For Thee That Kills This Nation", insulting #25 from Haydn's Die Jahreszeiten (something I sang last year).

The fight is now. The red lights are coming on. Our fight against the conversion of this country into the USSR is . . . GO!

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