Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Securlarism in Students Causes Church Trouble

The secularism that has been prevalent in our schools (and at times promotions of the New Age, occult, humanism, and others) has shown itself in many ways. Of course we've pointed out too many cases here, and a report from WTVF in Nashville came to my attention. (See also this newspaper report.)

A group of teens, according to Rutherford County (TN) authorities, lit pages of the Holy Bible to burn a church bus.

A few years ago, a few teens at church told me the Bible was not the authoritative Word of God, and it was altered numerous times '(most of them have read numerous paraphrases that have been recommended by Rick Warren, who recommends a mix and match of different paraphrases -- not translations -- to meet his agenda)' . They told me that they'd rather watch at church their peers dance to the secularised music that Mr. Proulx had mentioned in 1992. Today, the quasi-pop church music has faded away, pushed to the curb by flat-out secular music in churches, fueled by the fire of major 'music' labels. Those beliefs where God's Word is not trusted or holy creates a generation that does not want to study and instead rather 'would' have parties. Now we have seen what has come from it.

Sadly, the Shepard-Byrd Hate Crimes Act does not declare destroying God's Word, burning Bibles, and attempting to burn a church bus as a Hate Crime, but instead preaching God's Word and offending sexual deviants by declaring their behaviour as 'wrong and sinful' is legally a Hate Crime under the act passed by the then No Debate, No Discussion, Obama Is The Gospel Congress that has leaned towards every extreme leftist organisation, 'and' signed by the President who appeases to these groups that hate God and force us into their agenda.

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