Friday, March 12, 2010

St. Patrick's Weekend Thoughts

Paying for It, But Not Getting It. When I shop at the Waters boys' Piggly Wiggly, the local Walmart (the only two supermarkets that do not sell lottery tickets; this was a liberal ruse to have people spend their cash in government instead of investing in legitimate corporations or buying food for the family), or travel to Charleston to Whole Foods (I hold shares in WFMI), if I purchase 16 ounces of a product, I expect 16 ounces of a product. This is the week for college basketball tournaments, this is also the annual Block ESPN week. ESPN charges a per-subscriber rate around four dollars, and what happens (regardless of cable, satellite, or phone company) is ESPN is blocked for the entire weekend, off and on, as federal Syndicated Exclusivity laws (“Syndex”) will block ESPN. On cable systems, ESPN will be replaced by ESPNews, which is not a four-dollar channel. On satellite and phone systems, the channel will be blanked, accompanied by the note “This channel is not available in your area.” If people are paying $60 for television, and there are four days of ESPN being blocked because of Syndex, along with frequent shutdowns, why can't the cable company just cut the cable bill four dollars to reflect that ESPN is blocked too frequently during the basketball season? And don't forget too that the syndicator that blacks out ESPN owns the market's #1 television station. Television schedules you see in TV Guide don't mean anything as ACC and SEC basketball pre-empts everything.

Bullying Means Speech Codes

In order for the homosexual special rights lobby to push their agenda in schools where most of the younger generation supports their agenda, they rewrite school books to fit this leftist slant, and preach it on children's television. To push it to those who resist, they are now using federal and state laws to mandate their agenda, even if it's an abomination according to the Bible, as the gospel of the nation, with laws stating if you violate their gospel, you will be fined, imprisoned, and unable to participate in law, real estate, employment, or the right to vote. Add that to the Shepard-Byrd Hate Crimes Act signed the the President on a federal level, any pastor who preaches that man should not be sleeping with another man (as it was referred in the Bible) would certainly be targeted by an activist, face a “kangaroo court” of special rights activists in the Justice Department, and be charged on both a federal and state crime, with conviction almost certain. Already churches cannot run be counted to be part of adoption service agencies in regions where false marriage is law. Now, they are wanting to wipe out churches by stating their speech is a crime. This is the model of Canada and other nations that these activists want on the entire nation.

Speaking of the Gill Agenda as the Gospel in Schools. A San Francisco-area school is bringing a sexual deviant “minister” who spoke last year to mathematics and science classes about her (then) legal false marriage (Proposition Eight took care of that) has been invited by the same school to speak again about it. I remember many years ago in college, controversy erupted when a sexual deviant duo tried to have a concert in a top high school during class time (no wonder test scores are down, the same idiots who think entertainment in schools to push an “environmental” agenda, as they claimed) was banned by the principal, leading to massive catcalls to fire officials when the school had no reason in the first place to have the concert to promote their agenda. Schools should teach right and wrong, and not the Gill Agenda.

Sexual Deviants Have Prom Called Off. In Mississippi, a pair of sexual deviants successfully had their high school call off the prom because of the “opposite sex” rule. Everyone else must lose in order for the sexual deviants to promote their agenda. It's clear “equality” to them means they are superior to others. They can block but others cannot block.

Circus Church. In this edition of The Circus Church, a Life Enhancement Centre has decided to stick a “sermon” with the inspiration of a Limited Brands division known for raunchy lingerie as its title. Is this what you expect to hear at church?

End of an Era. When the green flag waves on Sunday's IZOD IndyCar SeriesSão Paulo 300km, the Penske cars will no longer carry the tobacco livery of Marlboro, instead replaced by a black, red, and white livery of Verizon. This leaves just MotoGP and Formula One with censored tobacco liveries, with just MotoGP's Qatar round as the only round where tobacco advertising is allowed. We've seen censored advertising everywhere on television it seems in sports. The Australian V8 Supercars have alcohol (“Jack Lives Here” and “The Team”) banned from their Middle East rounds (Yas Marina and Bahrain), and Formula One and MotoGP have tobacco bans at all but Qatar. And of course, there's the NASCAR Sprint Cup Penske Racing team of Brad Keselowski, which has blank spaces as there is banned advertising on that car too (and his uniform is blank because of banned advertising).

Speaking of Baharin. Schumi's back, Button's with McLaren with Hamilton, Massa's back after the inept safety team at the Hungaroring, united with Alonso, and Vettel and Webber together again. Meanwhile, the Ice Man has gone rally in Mexico, heavy litigation over issues in Charlotte with a no-show that will affect their economy, and Hispanic is still potentially not there yet. Remember traffic lights have no green lights, just red and yellow lights. Turn on the red lights . . .
. A few years ago, the Massachusetts legislature, dead-seat on becoming the nation's Gill Agenda backdrop after the Supreme Judicial Court used foreign law to change marriage laws to their liking, blocked legislation years ago to repeal the activists' rewriting of false marriage after payoffs by the Pelosi Administration when it has been proven people oppose false marriage standards of the Gill Agenda. Now any pro-family organisation who speaks out against the Gill Agenda has been targeted in an anti-bullying bill that, when added with homosexual activists' control of the Bay State, would result in any “hate speech” being declared a state crime, with a fine of one thousand dollars and a year in the state penitentiary for violations.

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