Saturday, April 24, 2010

Political draft lines: how a Talladega draft relates to social science

Sunday's Aaron's 499, NASCAR's second (of three) majors and the conclusion of the Grand-Am, IRL, and NASCAR Alabama Speedweeks (Talladega and Leeds), reminded me ten years ago an article about the social sciences taking place during the “draft” at superspeedways had been posted, and now it relates to social sciences. The Obama Administration's "draft line" of socialists, anti-family activists, environmental activists, Communists, the uneducated youth, follow the draft line minorities, and transnationalists, long and strong the power side for the past four years, is finding themselves challenged by the Tea Party "draft line" that is starting to form its own draft line of pro-life, pro-family, anti-tax, anti-socialist, and anti-massive spending groups banding together and trying to draft past the strong Obama line. This article I read many years ago went back to me because this analysis of the draft from 2000 is reminiscent of politics. Some of the Obama electorate is breaking away from the strong draft line.

What can the draft at Talladega teach us about social science? (from 2000):

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