Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What you find out: Figaro, Philharmonic, and Glee

About 16 months ago, I had written a review of a South Carolina Philharmonic concert on this blog, "Dancing at the Phil," and referenced the winner of a contest where the student had won. The soprano that won was Mary-Therese Heintzkill, who sang the role of Suzanna last month in a production of Le Nozze di Figaro solidly as Suzanna, when the Countess was my voice teacher. I had a chance to talk with Mary-Terese afterwards and she was excited about going to Germany, but she is tied into both women to have taught me voice since I first took a lesson. Ah, the joys of great singers (she's in the middle of this photo taken after Figaro) seem to always be something I enjoy. Never knew much from that 2009 Philharmonic incident but I think she's winning me over after that.

A past dance partner of mine watched the controversial Glee episode in question I had referenced, and said after watching that Madonna-themed episode, all she needed now was a Stefani Germanotta-themed episode. I responded with a Figaro-themed commentary: "Glee, (Madonna) Ciccone, and some Stefani Germanotta? For me it's Heintzkill (Suzanna), Hill (Countess), and (Daniel) Cole (Figaro)."

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