Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids going over the edge: Germanotta singing, Knowles dancing

A few years ago I warned about immodesty at the dance studio, and as someone who has danced at a premiere dance studio in the nation (albeit as an adult jazz team member; our team wants modesty, so you don't see the questionable outfits the youth seem to always want; as I have noticed, we're setting an example and the youth don't want it), I think I've seen worse things happen. While checking the talk radio Web site, they had a link to a video (I shall not link to it because it's too close to pornography) with seven-year old girls in a bra-and-panties routine to a popular R&B tune from a very popular artist at the "World of Dance" competition.

These were seven year old kids! I was appalled as I remember the discussion I had with a past member of our adult team about modesty, and these kids were dancing in a competition dressed like prostitutes and performing a very popular song. The poll conducted by the radio station noted by 3:1 that this was raunchy.

And this isn't the only problem today. We have kids singing Stefani Germanotta songs (what?) in talent shows and the like. Can someone tell this generation Miss Knowles and Miss Germanotta are not appropriate role models, and jiggling in raunchy outfits is inappropriate as much as singing the bad songs of these artists?

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